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  1. christa

    Hello, I am looking for an OT to come to my daughters private school this year for 10 visits approved by the CCAC

    If you would like to call for further detail please call Christa at 416 788-4471.

  2. Sakina Rehmanji

    Hi – I have a child with a progressive neurological disease and am wondering if there is anything you can do to help him with his changing needs? I live in Caledon Village, closer to Orangeville. Is that an area that you are willing to travel too? What kind of charges should I expect? Please advise.


  3. Paola Azzuolo Post author

    Hello Sakina
    I believe we have communicated previously but I am just now looking over the comments left on my website All Kids Can Fly.
    I do have a client in Caledon. I provide services to children in their home.
    I worked in a children’s treatment centre for 15 years and I am now offering private services for the last 3 years. As an OT I would be looking at optimizing a child’s potential and quality of life in whatever occupation the child may be engaged in, whether it be attending at school, eating a meal, handwriting, toileting, playing and so much more.
    Do not hesitate to call me should you have any questions at 416-209-3175.
    Take good care.

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