I would like to use this page to share with you awesome sites or links that may be useful to you.


Funding Sources:

PAL Assist Program The above link will allow families to apply for a $250.00 grant to assist with programs and therapies for their child.  Check it out!

Ceridian is a canadian owned company who developed their very own charity Ceridian Cares. The mission of Ceridian Cares is to improve the quality of life in their communities by providing financial assistance to individuals and families that need it most.  Follow the link for more information and application form.

OFCP Funding Programs

Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity

Occupational Therapy in Ontario Funding



Handwriting links and Resources

Today I stumbled upon the following site and was able to design a word search activity for a little boy who is working of improving his letter recognition skills. worksheet

Another great link for you to explore is Miss Macy’s blog.  She is an outstanding OT and most generous with her strategies and approaches.  I have had great success using her handwriting paper which you can download for free!   Using her printed lined paper, you need only highlight the lower half of the lined space to differentiate more clearly for the child where the small letters need to go, then go over the bottom line where the letters need to sit on in red felt. These added cues help enormously with letter placemet on the line as well as letter size.

Self Regulation Links and Resources

I just finished listening to Dr Heather Mackenzie‘s talk that you can listen to on spark kids.(follow the link below)  She is a great presenter and the strategies she shares with the audience are not only useful for children on the spectrum but for any child with self regulation issues.  If you can find the time to listen to her talk it would be well worth it.  

Therapeutic Listening

I have recently completed and obtained certification for being a therapeutic listening provider.  I am looking forward to offering to the children I serve an alternate strategy to augment the intervention provided in order to obtain quicker results.  Therapeutic Listening is an evidence-based auditory intervention intended to support individuals who experience challenges with sensory processing dysfunciton,listening, attention and communication.

Neurodevelopmental Treatment Techniques

handling techniques